Let’s be honest, legal issues get expensive, time is valuable, and attorneys charge $100s per hour. With a legal plan, you know up front what you’re going to get, and our attorneys are incentivized to spend time with you; not watch the clock.

Legal issues can be confusing, complicated, and even a little embarrassing. Save time, save money, and protect yourself and your family with a legal plan.

Explore our affordable plans! With our Legal Plan, we can cover you, your spouse and your family—we’ve got your back!


Everyone deserves legal protection.

Primordial Benefit Solutions, LLC is proud to partner with LegalShield to provide you and your family with access to legal protection plans. LegalShield has been offering legal plans to members for 40 years, creating a world where everyone can access legal protection—and everyone can afford it. Unexpected legal questions arise every day and with LegalShield on your side, you will have access to a top-quality law firm 24/7 for covered situations. From real estate to divorce advice, speeding tickets to will preparation, and beyond, we are here to help you with any legal matter—no matter how traumatic or how trivial it may seem. Because our dedicated law firms are prepaid, their sole focus is on serving you, rather than billing you.

Some of the services you will receive include the following:

  • Unlimited personal or business advice 
  • Trial defense hours
  • Letters and phone calls on your behalf 
  • Video law library
  • Legal document review 
  • Forms service center

Even better, you don’t have to worry about figuring out which attorney to use—we’ll do that for you. Our experienced attorneys focus specifically on our members and provide 24/7 access for emergencies.


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